Don’t Set Yourself Up for a Stressful Vacation

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Vacations are supposed to make people feel refreshed and happy (which should then make them more productive once they’re back on the clock). But vacations can often cause stress, especially if they’re poorly planned, and this wastes the benefit of time off. If you plan for a positive, well-managed vacation, you can return to work happier and with more energy.

  • Focus on the details. The logistics are often the most stressful part of traveling – so ask for help. Find a good travel agent to help you plan.
  • Plan more than one month ahead. The earlier you plan, the less stress you’ll experience as your departure date approaches.
  • Go far away. Studies suggest that the farther you go, the happier you’ll be.
  • Meet with someone knowledgeable at the location. A local host can help offer support and make you feel more comfortable.

Adapted from “When a Vacation Reduces Stress…

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