The power of a smile

Fashion for the average man

smile A funny thing happened on my way home a couple days ago. I was jamming on the air guitar listening to my car radio. As I pulled up to a stop light, I glanced to my right mid-strum. A woman had noticed me jamming and responded with a smile. It made me smile in return. Then, we drove our separate ways. It was a funny moment. No doubt, she recounted the story of the budding air guitarist when she reached her destination.

Smiles replicate themselves.

What do we know about smiles? They improve spirits and bring you more friends. With a smile, you appear more likeable, fun, and enjoyable. More people want to be around you. Think about it. Everyone desires happiness and joy. So when they see it in you, it attracts them.

Smiles make you feel good.

I think about joy at times. Whenever I speak to a…

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