The Greatest (Social) Game Ever Built

Empirical Leanings


Buzz words are the lifeblood of the Internet. We have “Web 2.0”, the “Cloud” and of course “Gamification”. Empire Avenue of course has Gamification on many levels but certainly if you are listed on the Empire Avenue Stock Market then you are essentially playing a game out of all that you do online. With the concept of Gamification and the fact that people contact us all the time to talk about our game mechanics “in the real world”, it’s as if adding so-called “game layers” to applications and web sites had suddenly sprung out of the ether. Well, I’m not going to give you a treatise on what is and what isn’t “Gameification” but let me tell you about the greatest (social) game ever invented. Zynga probably wishes they could have invented it I’m sure, Electronic Arts and Activision could take lessons, and well, the rest of us?

Filing Income…

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