The Not So Lucky Luck O’Me

Born Without a Filter

Today was day one of orientation for skool. I finally learned that I’m an exchange student, not a study abroad student. The difference.. like you care.. is that with my home skool, we have a partnership with universities and they send us students.. we send them students.. and exchange.. plus we only pay our home skool tuition rates.. not international rates or like the study abroad students who probably also have program fees.  Anyway.. I’m an exchange student 🙂 Yay!

We had a lot of sessions then I ended up going back to Limerick City Center to get my new wifi working. I took a cab in with one other student I met and one of the students that works in the international office. The international office paid for our cab since we were doing some quick runs during the sessions and needed to get back just as quick. We…

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