Sights from Asia’s Lusophonic Corner

What an Amazing World!

It is almost 2pm in Timor-Leste (formerly known as East Timor) as our plane starts its descent towards Dili, the capital of Asia’s newest nation. The rugged green landscape below looks untouched and undeveloped, a stark contrast to an aerial view of Bali – where we departed – with its more developed tourism industry. Marqy, the East Timorese man sitting next to us, looks eager to be back after staying in Macau, Bangkok and several other places around Asia.

A few minutes later we land at Nicolau Lobato International Airport, the country’s sole international airport which is served by less than five airlines connecting Dili with Bali, Darwin, and Singapore. The high roofs of the airport terminal remind me of images of Timorese houses, while the the country’s flag waves in the breeze – it must be a great source of pride for the East Timorese to see that symbol…

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